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>Chillispot is a gateway, not matter if you passthrough with Wifi connection
>or wire connection, Chillispot not identify they.
>The litle diference is, if you use Expiration attribute Chillispot ignores
>it, so when the time is reach chillispot not logoff the user.
>So, you need send the correct reply for each gateway, switch or device that
>manage the connection because Freeradius not disconnect the users, this is a
>NAS job.

Well.. in my understanding... NAS send username and password to radius
and expecting the answer from radius.
Then radius will answer accept or reject. This already working well with
our Livingston PM2e.
I did try Login-Time and Expiration with the above NAS and it working
very well too.

The different with wireless and or hotspot is the additional attribute
about 'Max-All-Session' and 'Expiration'. With this tipe, radius
will send conditional accept connection because will contain the time

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>>Subject: Re: FR supported attributes
>>Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2007 18:49:35 +0100
>>There should be no difference in using Expiration and
>>WISPr-Session-Terminate-Time in this case. Expiration sets
>>Session-Timeout and ChilliSpot knows that one. The only difference is
>>that Expiration will work with wired connections too.

Has you try that Expiration working for Chillispot ? I hope it work.

We need to set the expiration on the certain date for each time user
doing top-up. This is similarly like GSM prepaid way.

on date 1, user buy the primary card (first registration), the session
will set for max 2 hours but valid until date 7
on date 7, user buy the top up voucher for 2 hours more, so the session
for him/her will  upgrate into max 4 hours but the expiration date
change into date 15



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