vir\ulence wrote:
> Dropping request (1025 is too many): from clie
> nt abc :1818 - ID: 97       
> Info: WARNING: Please check the radiusd.conf file. ?T
> he value for 'max_requests' is probably set too low.
> apparently this is what i get after setting the attrbutes to a higher level.

  Then I would say that something is seriously wrong in your network.

  Having more than 200 attributes in a RADIUS packet is extremely rare.
 As in: If it happens, it's probably because you're being attacked, and
you should go investigate.  That's what the log message says.

  So... did you check that the packets are what you expect?  Why are
there 200 attributes in the packet?

  And if the server is handling more than 1024 packets at a time, it's
either too slow (i.e. databases are slow or down), or it's being attacked.

  It looks like you just want configuration changes to make the error
messages go away.  That is absolutely the wrong approach.  Find the
cause of the problem, and fix it.  The messages will go away once the
problem goes away.

  Alan DeKok.
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