>> Hmm didn't come through in the install :(
>   I think the problem is you're still using hostname in home_servers..
> Don't.  It doesn't work, and it won't work until I find some time to fix it.
Aha, yes it works with ipaddr declaration.

Hmm looks good, failing over as expected, pinging all dead servers to 
check if they're alive.... cool.
>>   Sure.  The main problem is that the configuration variables get
>> expanded before the modules are loaded.  Doing DNS lookups via another
>> hook is therefore hard.  Useful as heck, but hard.
Ah, ok... so it might be better as an extension to the expressions 
module possibly.... As that must already have hooks, to write the values
to the configuration variables during expansion.

On a completely unrelated subject, whats the standard checking behaviour 
when you have multiple instances of the same attribute,
will each of the instances be checked in turn ?
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