Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:
> Hmm looks good, failing over as expected, pinging all dead servers to 
> check if they're alive.... cool.

  <g>  Much better than before.

  There are a few other things to add, but they're minor.  I think I'll
also re-name the "ping" checks to "live" checks, because pings will
confuse people.

  After that, 2.0 looks to be pretty good.

> Ah, ok... so it might be better as an extension to the expressions
> module possibly.... As that must already have hooks, to write the values
> to the configuration variables during expansion.


> On a completely unrelated subject, whats the standard checking behaviour 
> when you have multiple instances of the same attribute,
> will each of the instances be checked in turn ?


  Alan DeKok.
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