> Thanks for your reply.  However, I have already changed the instances of the 
> password "testing123" in the following files:

if you are dealing with a shared secret between a NAS and the FreeRADIUS 
server, there are only
2 thigns to configure

1) the shared secret on the NAS - I would guess this is storngswan.conf for you

2) the shared secret in the clients.conf file - this is whats used to reference 
the incoming request from the NAS

all other parts are system components eg proxy.conf has a default internal one 
- and
if you were proxying to OTHER RADIUS servers, then you would change their 
entries IF you
has set them to testing123 - most people wouldnt - they would use their own 

of course, when thigns go wrong, run in full debug mode and see whats printed 
out when you connect
via the NAS

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