Hi Alan,

Well I discovered a way to display a list of all active users without having to 
implement FreeRadius accounting, which BTW is not as straight forward as it 
should be.

I was able to display all active users through my StrongSwan server, with the 
simple following command:

# strongswan leases

FreeRadius should be so easy!



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Clint Petty wrote:
> I am not blaming, I am just wanting to get the radwho command to work.

  That is *entirely* the wrong attitude.  There is no "just get it to
work".  There *are* multiple pieces involved, each of which has to be
verified.  I'm trying to convince you to use a methodical approach.

  If you read "man radwho", you'll see it uses accounting packets.  That
should indicate that you'll need to enable accounting.  But you didn't
do that.  You were told to run the server in debugging mode, and you did
once... but not the next time.

  The less you do yourself, and the more difficult you make it to help
you, the less we're inclined to help.

  *THAT* is the goal of many of my responses.

>  I have now turned on accounting info to be sent from the StrongSwan server 
> to the FreeRadius server.  For I can see the accounting info in 
> /var/log/radius/radacct/<IP_Address>/detail-20131003 file.

  Which isn't the radutmp file, is it?  Again, "man radwho" says it
reads the radutmp file.

  Again, your process should be something like this:

- "man radwho" says it needs the radutmp file.
- is the radutmp module enabled?
- if enabled, is it doing anything?
- where is the file?
- is it being modified?

>  However I am still getting the same results with the radwho command, showing 
> just the titles, with no connections?

  You other message indicates that the module is being used, and is
returning "ok".

  Does the "radwho" command print anything after the "radutmp" module
returns "ok" ?

  It should.

  Alan DeKok.
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