Hi All,

I'm trying to project some processed resting-state data onto the surface to run 
some surface based parcellations, and I'm running into a bit of difficulty.  
Basically I'm using bbregister to register my functional to the T1, then 
mri_vol2surf to project to the surface with the following pseudocode:

bbregister --s subjID --mov /mov_dir/subjID_example_func_brain.nii.gz \
 --reg /mov_dir/coreg/fs_ep2struct_fsl.dat \
 --init-fsl --bold

mri_vol2surf --src /mov_dir/filtered_func_residuals.nii.gz \ 
 --out /mov_dir/filtered_func_residuals_fs6_lh_6mm_noreshape.mgh \
 --srcreg /coreg/fs_ep2struct_fsl.dat --hemi lh \
 --surf white --projfrac 0.5 --icoorder 6 --fwhm 6 --out_type mgh --noreshape

The registration looks pretty good after I run bbregister, but what I get out 
from the mri_vol2surf seems weird.  First of all, the dimensions are 112745 x 1 
x 1 x 120, which seems odd. I'm forcing no reshaping, and from the help page it 
seems like the x-dim should be 40962 for icoorder=6.  I have 120 frames in my 
input data, so that seems to be right, but I'm not sure where this dimension is 
coming from.  I've also tried it with icoorder=4 and I get the same 
x-dim=112745 when I'm expecting 2562.  I've also run these commands with 
various iterations e.g. reshaping, no smoothing, no projfrac, and I get the 
same thing every time.

I'm also wondering how I should view these files to confirm that the surface 
projection has worked as I expect it if/when I am able to get the dimensions to 
be correct.  I cannot open any of the projected functional files in either 
freeview or tksurfer, so it will be helpful to know how I might be able to view 
these time-series on the surface after I've succeeded in projecting them to 
that space.

Any advice would be much appreciated

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