there are a bunch of problems with your branch due to 32bit vs. 64bit
libraries.  The main issue is that in recent GNU/Linux distributions
it is common that 64bit libraries are installed in `lib64', not `lib'.
Your current setup covers `lib' only.

Attached you can find a quick patch that I used to make it work (more
or less).  As you can see, I loaded a top-level snippet to get access
to the installation directories.  Note, however, that this is an
ad-hoc hack that you should not commit.

What you *really* should do is to actually use the already existing
FreeType infrastructure! It is now time that you add a `tests' target
(or proper `test-xxx' subtargets – whatever you need) to a new file
`builds/tests.mk', which must be properly included in `toplevel.mk'.

  . As a prerequisite (documented in the README) the user must compile
    the `base' version of FreeType manually so that a DLL gets
    created.  This should *not* be handled automatically.  And no need
    to install them.

  . Similarly, the `test' version of FreeType should be built with a
    simple call to `make'.  Again there should be no need to install

  . The user should then specify the `base' FreeType `.so' file using
    a variable, say, `FREETYPE_BASE_DLL'.

  . Similarly, I suggest to use variables for the other test
    parameters.  Example:

      FREETYPE_BASE_DLL="/home/wl/base/libfreetype.so.6.12.5" \
      PT_SIZE="15 16 17 18 19 20 22 25 30" \
      DPI="72 96" \
      RENDER_MODE="mono aa" \
      make tests

  . Alternatively, a makefile snippet, say, `tests.mk', might be
    loaded that contains the above variables.

Some more issues that I've noticed.

  . `sprite' should be more verbose; it should report which files are
    created where.

  . I think that the HTML files created by `sprite' should be put into
    a separate directory, say, `make_png/html'.  Maybe you are going
    to create more HTML subfiles later on (e.g., one file per font)...

  . Rendering modes should be names, not numbers – please adjust your
    `sprite' program accordingly.  [I know that the FreeType demo
    programs are a bad example for this :-)]

  . Please add *a lot* of comments to the C source code files so that
    it is easy to understand its features.

  . What values have you used for executing `runme.sh'?  I tried

      sh runme.sh /home/wl/freetype-2.6.5 test.ttf 20 1

    and I only got

      Empty Glyph in glyph-index 1
      Empty Glyph in glyph-index 2
      Empty Glyph in glyph-index 3

    without a single image.  Maybe I did something wrong?

To summarize: `sprite' compiles file, it generates an HTML file but no
images (yet).

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