>> To summarize: `sprite' compiles file, it generates an HTML file but
>> no images (yet).
> I've used the same version (2.6.5) and also the same arguments.
> For me it loaded 95 images in the ./images folder.

Tried again from scratch, to no avail.  Strange.  Attached is my log
file.  I've simply unpacked `freetype-2.6.5.tar.gz' in `/home/wl',
checked out the `kushal-work' branch in
`/home/wl/git/freetype/freetype2.kushal', applied the patch from my
previous e-mail, changed into the `test/make_png' directory and called

  sh runme.sh /home/wl/freetype-2.6.5 test.ttf 20 1 &> log

Attached is the log file.

I'm quite sure if `sprite' would be more verbose, the problem could be
identified more rapidly...


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