> Rather than Haskell per se, personally I am most interested in
> the "category theory" approach summarized in Martin's email, therefore
> I prefer the alternative definition of monads as a domain satisfying
> Functor
>     map   :: (a -> b) -> M a -> M b
> with these two additional operations:
>    return :: a -> M a
>    join   :: M (M a) -> M a
> instead of "bind".

We can have both.  BTW, the 'join' operation is impossible to deal
with more than one type?

> Concerning your hack for FunctorPackage and MonadPackage you might be
> interested in another OpenAxiom innovation implementing the "forall"
> universal quantifier which often eliminates the need to write separate
> packages.

Yes!  One thing I felt lacking in FriCAS is the "forall" quantifier, aka
anonymous packages.  Another thing is category/domain constructor
as first class entity: in principle Maybe is a domain constructor with
type Domain->Domain, and a member of Monad, but FriCAS only
recognize "Maybe INT has Monad INT", not "Maybe has Monad" nor
"x : Monad" in package parameter.

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