Am 17.10.2016 um 11:13 schrieb Martin Baker:

> I suspect this is all a bit academic because I get the impression that the
> FriCAS compiler is too unpredictable to make the changes to the type system 
> that
> would be required for a more general category theoretic structures. Please 
> tell
> me I'm wrong as it would be really wonderful if FriCAS could support this in 
> its
> most general form.
> Martin B

It's a bit academic, indeed. I use macros as Waldek described in a former post -
just a pragmatic approach. However, it would certainly be desirable to have a
'maybe' monad in fricas, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be feasible. In
OCaml for instance, the monad is implemented in the module 'Option' and seems to
me a pretty straightforward approach. On the other hand I'd rather like a
"partial" monad instead of "maybe" (which usually means a single terminal symbol
"failed"), that is a product type M(T)=T x Q, where Q is a monoid, such that the
Kleisli composition evaluates the two programs in sequence and combines their Q
output. Example: Q=(String, conctenation).

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