Hello All,

I had following questions on the legal issues on using Apache FTP Server.

Requesting all the contributors / committers and project stake holders to
guide me in obtaining answers / information on the following questions asap.

1. Can I get a proof of all the contributors to Apache FTP Server project
have entered the Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement ?
2. I see that the libraries used for slf4j-api and slf4j-log4j12 have
copyrights from QOS.ch and SLF4J.ORG <http://slf4j.org/>. Are these packages
also warranted / licensed under Apache 2.0? Is there any agreement between
Apache and these organizations.
3. The above packages show author name as Ceki Gülcü, wanted to know if he
is also a direct contributor / committer for Apache FTP Server project? I
saw the list of contributors for Apache FTP Server, and do not see his name,
but want to make sure on this aspect. Also, is there any CLA given by Ceki

Thanks and Regards,
Atul Gohad.

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