Thanks Niklas and Bill for the timely response on legal questions. I was
able to infer to a good extent.

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On 10/14/07, Niklas Gustavsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Atul Gohad wrote:
> > 1. Can I get a proof of all the contributors to Apache FTP Server
> project
> > have entered the Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement ?
> Probably not. Contributors come in two forms, commiters and those
> providing patches. For patches, we usually require the contributor to
> use JIRA and click the button to approve its inclusion under the ASL
> license.
> Commiters would have CLAs, but I believe that there might be commiters
> that commited code before CLAs was in place. I don't know if this list
> contains only commiters with CLAs or all:
> You could probably ask the ASF secretary to be sure, but you would need
> a list of commiters first (you can get that from SVN).
> > 2. I see that the libraries used for slf4j-api and slf4j-log4j12 have
> > copyrights from and SLF4J.ORG <>. Are these
> packages
> > also warranted / licensed under Apache 2.0? Is there any agreement
> between
> > Apache and these organizations.
> SLF4J is licensed under a MIT licens, which is appropriate for use with
> ASL licenensed code. As the code is MIT licensed, we do not need a
> agreement with Ceki or any others organization around SLF4J.
> > 3. The above packages show author name as Ceki Gülcü, wanted to know
> if he
> > is also a direct contributor / committer for Apache FTP Server project?
> I
> > saw the list of contributors for Apache FTP Server, and do not see
> his name,
> > but want to make sure on this aspect. Also, is there any CLA given by
> Ceki
> > Gülcü.
> No, Ceki is not a contributor for FtpServer as far as I know. He is
> however an ASF commiter, of log4j fame, and thus have a CLA. Not that it
> should matter for any use of FtpServer.
> /niklas

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