On Saturday 13 October 2007 21:57, Atul Gohad wrote:

> 1. Can I get a proof of all the contributors to Apache FTP Server project
> have entered the Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement ?

By extracting the commit logs you can obtain a list of all committers to the 
FtpServer codebase. They are;
   hammant   - Paul Hammant - original contributor, 18 commits from
               2003-March to 2005-Sept
   ngn       - Niklas Gustavsson - current active committer, 330 commits
               from  2006-Jan until present day.
   nicolaken - Nicola Ken Barozzi - 3 commits in 2003-April
   noel      - Noel Bergman - Applied one patch from user in 2005-10-21
   rana_b    - Rana Battacharyya - 195 commits from 2003-April to 2006-July
   sergey    - Sergey M Vladimirov - 13 commits in 2006-May

Then by looking into the private SVN repository there is a comprehensive list 
of which committers DO NOT have ICLA on file (from time prior to CLAs);

Result= None of the above are listed in this file, and hence all should have 
ICLAs files with the ASF.

> 2. I see that the libraries used for slf4j-api and slf4j-log4j12 have
> copyrights from QOS.ch and SLF4J.ORG <http://slf4j.org/>. Are these
> packages also warranted / licensed under Apache 2.0? Is there any agreement
> between Apache and these organizations.

See Niklas answer. 

> 3. The above packages show author name as Ceki Gülcü, wanted to know if he
> is also a direct contributor / committer for Apache FTP Server project? I
> saw the list of contributors for Apache FTP Server, and do not see his
> name, but want to make sure on this aspect. Also, is there any CLA given by
> Ceki Gülcü.

Ceki is an Apache Member and have made substantial contributions to the ASF, 
mostly in form of the Log4J project. SLF4J is not in ASF due to licensing. 
Ceki wanted to create an API that both GPL/LGPL and BSD/MIT/Apache licensed 
projects could use, and hence had to host that elsewhere.
Also, feel free to contact Ceki directly to ensure his intents.

In my personal opinion, FtpServer has very little legal issues. ASF takes the 
legal aspects of Open Source *very* seriously, and this project will soon 
graduate to a proper Apache project to reflect this.

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