Atul Gohad wrote:
> 1. Can I get a proof of all the contributors to Apache FTP Server project
> have entered the Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement ?

Probably not. Contributors come in two forms, commiters and those providing patches. For patches, we usually require the contributor to use JIRA and click the button to approve its inclusion under the ASL license.

Commiters would have CLAs, but I believe that there might be commiters that commited code before CLAs was in place. I don't know if this list contains only commiters with CLAs or all:

You could probably ask the ASF secretary to be sure, but you would need a list of commiters first (you can get that from SVN).

> 2. I see that the libraries used for slf4j-api and slf4j-log4j12 have
> copyrights from and SLF4J.ORG <>. Are these packages > also warranted / licensed under Apache 2.0? Is there any agreement between
> Apache and these organizations.

SLF4J is licensed under a MIT licens, which is appropriate for use with ASL licenensed code. As the code is MIT licensed, we do not need a agreement with Ceki or any others organization around SLF4J.

> 3. The above packages show author name as Ceki Gülcü, wanted to know if he
> is also a direct contributor / committer for Apache FTP Server project? I
> saw the list of contributors for Apache FTP Server, and do not see his name, > but want to make sure on this aspect. Also, is there any CLA given by Ceki
> Gülcü.

No, Ceki is not a contributor for FtpServer as far as I know. He is however an ASF commiter, of log4j fame, and thus have a CLA. Not that it should matter for any use of FtpServer.


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