On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 5:26 PM, Dave Roberts
> Niklas Gustavsson wrote:
>  > SVN has now been moved to the MINA sandbox. That means you now find it 
> here:
>  > https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/mina/sandbox/ftpserver
>  Niklas, what happened to the SVN information prior to the move?  The
>  historical log information appears to be intact, but it's not
>  possible to get revisions of code from before the move.  Either
>  that, or I'm unable to drive the SVN client properly. :)

The FtpServer part of SVN was moved, so you will find all history preserved at:

We will likely move out of the sandbox at MINA into a top level
directory, but the exact structure is not yet determined.

If you get a working copy checked out, you can svn switch to update it
to the new location.

>  > Also, this means that those of you which subscribe to the FtpServer
>  > commit list can unsubscribe as no more commits will be sent there.
>  > Instead, sign up for the MINA commit list.
>  What's the policy for using the new mailing list?  There's a high
>  volume of traffic on there, all of which seems to be about MINA.  Is
>  there a means of subscribing to the FTPServer only information?  Or
>  would we have to set our mail filters up to tweak the incoming
>  stream of mails?

Yes, this is a problem we discussed during the move. The reason for
choosing a shared developer list is that we want MINA developers to
participate in discussions on FtpServer and the other way around. Now,
this will cause an issue for those who want to participate in
FtpServer development but doesn't care to much about MINA (you should
:-). We will try to use a [ftpserver] prefix on threads concerning
FtpServer which should help setting up filters, but I can of course
not guarantee that it will be used on all threads.

For those who are users of FtpServer or want to participate by feature
requests or bugs, there is the new users list.

I hope this works for you, if not, please feel free to suggest how to
improve this, we're just getting started.


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