#706: Funding request for Prima Yogi Loviniltra (jurankdankkal)
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Comment (by jurankdankkal):

 Replying to [comment:1 gnokii]:
 > 1. if you telling here wishes for departure and arrival, looks to me you
 want to get it booked then state that and send the necessary data

 I said '''if possible''' then if not possible it should be okay.

 > 2. for somebody who wants to start travel on Friday after 8pm what means
 arriving Saturday in the morning and wants to be back home Sunday in the

 Because I'm still working on Friday so I need to depart after office hour
 and arrive back in Jakarta before Monday which is the day that I need
 going back to office.

 > I tentative thinking about not sponsoring. For a few hours it makes no

 Saturday morning until Sunday night is it a few hours? fyi, it's more than
 1 day :)

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