#706: Funding request for Prima Yogi Loviniltra (jurankdankkal)
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Comment (by jurankdankkal):

 Replying to [comment:4 gnokii]:
 > a) a day has 24hrs and I hardly think that arriving on 5th 7.50am and
 going back 6th 8.30am (or 10.10 if you get a ticket for that flight) makes
 more then a day. It doesnt count when you start or/and arrive in Jakarta,
 it counts what hours you are available for Fedora in Phnom Penh and that
 is lesser then 24hrs.

 Let me put my flight schedule here again incase you missed the detail :

 Airasia > 20:25 Jakarta (CGK) 07:50(+1h) Phnom Penh (PNH) - 11j 25m
 transit in KL

 Jet Start > 15:10 Phnom Penh (PNH) 21:15 Jakarta (CGK) - 6j 5m transit in

 > b)Sorry arriving 7.50am means he even will not make it to his own talk.
 Its not doable to immigrate and get from Pochentong to Norton in just
 3hrs. We talking about the morning rush hour

 So whats your solution here or decision?
 Is that possible to re-schedule? or enough time 3 hours left before my

 > c) For me is very simple, officially FUDCON goes from 4th-6th, what if
 we would have decided to use the 4th for talks and would have him
 scheduled there? The moment I submit for an event which goes from 4th-6th
 I should consider to be available at the venue for holding my talk

 What I'm planning also like that, but the plan changed because I just go
 new job last week and didnt have any day off yet.

 That's my situation, so now please tell whats your point or decision or
 solution or whatever it is, just straight forward?

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