On 5/27/20 9:37 PM, Jim Diamond wrote:
On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 21:32 (-0500), Peter G wrote:

On 5/27/20 4:58 PM, Thomas Adam wrote:
On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 04:41:08PM -0500, peter g wrote:
Hi Everyone:
i have a frustrating issue with fvwm and casting from google's chrome, that
maybe somebody has a workaround for.
Normally, under any other WM i've tried (and also on windows), in the chrome
browser, choosing "Cast", will pop up a small window that asks the user what
device to cast to. Unfortunately in fvwm that little window with those
options does not show up.
I've tried both with my config, but also with a very fvwm config such as:
key c  A CM FvwmConsole
key r  A CM Restart
Key u  A CM Exec xterm
If anyone has a work around, that would be much appreciated, as casting, for
better or worse, is very useful to me.
Well, if it's a transient window, it will (by default) popup along side the
parent window.  That said, you can try:
BugOpts ExplainWindowPlacement On
in your ~/.fvwm2rc file, and monitor stderr to see what FVMM thinks of your
missing window.
Thanks, I've tried that.
Doesn't show anything (I know that option is working, as I get the debug
info for other windows). As pointed out in another email, that "cast" window
might indeed be a chrome internal window... what bothers me though, is why
it shows up in other window managers.
I haven't tried another window manager, but for what it's worth, the
cast window does not show up for me in google-chrome.

Thank you for checking!

By the way, are you running these different window managers on the
same Linux distro?  Or is it possible you are using fvwm on one Linux,
and other window managers on a different Linux distro?

I have done these check on the same machine, with the same installation of chrome (i.e just long into a different WM).

A few window managers i checked: icewm, lxde, gnome (ubuntu's 18.04 default desktop), ubuntu's winland desktop thing. All work as expected.

BTW, I'm running the latest github version 2 master branch of fvwm. Which are you running?

I'm wondering this because Dan Espen mentioned in another email that he does see the cast window pop up in chromium (which for me is also not visible).



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