On Mon, Nov 29, 2021 at 01:02:04PM -0700, Jaimos Skriletz wrote:
> If you set a geometry, *FvwmButtons: Geometry 100x100, the aspect
> ratio hints do not get set (as in the default-config), and you can
> resize the window to be any size.

Yes, but that doesn't help for the FvwmButtons panel.  The panel
is just a normally sized FvwmPager.  I don't want to tell it a
geometry.  It shall open with the standard size whenever used.

> In conclusion, if the aspect ratio hints also go it won't affect me
> directly.

Still, what is the _benefit_ of having an aspect ratio set?

The situation is:

1) It's implementation is more or less broken everywhere.  =>
   Nobody uses it.

2) If the ratio is not close to 1, it's outright annoying or even
   unusable.  Try this:

     desktopsize 50x1
     all (FvwmPager) move 0 50

   a) Grab the top border and resize it by moving the pointer.
      => Maximum height stops around "WidthX412" because the width
         automatically grows bacause af the aspect ratio, but can
         not get bigger than 32767.


      => Every time you try you get a different height: 412, 411,
         330, 359 etc.


   b) Now make it smaller by resizing it downwards from the rop

      => When the top border comes close to the bottom border, the
         window shrinks really fast.


      => Assume you have reduced it to a tiny rectangle at the
         left side of the screen (xmag says its 58x5 pixels,
         incldung borders).  Pull the border down further.  The
         window jumps back to full size, from 58x5 to 9750x123
         at the original position.


      => Repeat that, but drag the pointer quickly up and down to
         the screen border.  THe pager window ends up with a random


      => If you're unlucky, while the window shrinks the top right
         edge may end up below the cursor.  Fvwm will then
         automatically grab that corner for further resizing.


   c) But things are even worse.  Create a fresh pager and grab it
      by the lower left corner and try to resize it.

      => When the pager gets smaller, it quickly moves off screen.


      => If you end the resize with the window off screen, it may
         be hard to retrieve it.


Summary:  There are a lot of quirks and bugs.  Is there any gain
in usability to make up for this?

> But in terms of configurability, I still think an option
> where the user can decide to preserve the aspect ratio when resizing
> the window or not allows the most freedom for users.

But why would anybody want that?  Does anybody really use a
standalone pager, and if so, ever resizes it?


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


Dominik Vogt

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