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> > The situation is:
> > 1.  It's implementation is more or less broken everywhere. =>
> >     Nobody uses it.
> > 2.  If the ratio is not close to 1, it's outright annoying or even
> >     unusable. Try this:
> >
> >     desktopsize 50x1
> >     FvwmPager
> >     all (FvwmPager) move 0 50
> >     a) Grab the top border and resize it by moving the pointer.
> >     => Maximum height stops around "WidthX412" because the width
> >           automatically grows bacause af the aspect ratio, but can
> >           not get bigger than 32767.
> > BAD
> Since the ways of using FvwmPager are so different between people's ideas how
> to set it up, I think that having the opportunity to configure keeping aspect
> ratio makes a sense. Those who are using 50x1 DesktopSize will of course not
> use that obviously, but people who use 2x2, 3x2, 2x3, 4x2 and similar and not
> having it swallowed inside FvwmButtons may prefer to keep aspect ratio. There
> can even be here a solution like in drawing programs: you press Ctrl or Shift
> while resizing the object to keep aspect ratio, otherwise, it is free form.
> [...]
> > Summary: There are a lot of quirks and bugs. Is there any gain
> > in usability to make up for this?
> Maybe having ctrl+mouse-resize as I proposed above?

Okay, I can imagine rare cases when one wants to re-enforce a
multiple of the original aspect ratio, and I'd be fine with
another key combination to force it.  However, what are we
supposed to do with windows with a legitimate, fulltime aspect
ratio like mplayer?  It would be very inconvenient to have the a.
r. ignored by default.  Unfortunately I see no working heuristics
to tell a "hard" a. r. from a "hint".

> > > But in terms of configurability, I still think an option
> > > where the user can decide to preserve the aspect ratio when resizing
> > > the window or not allows the most freedom for users.
> > But why would anybody want that? Does anybody really use a
> > standalone pager, and if so, ever resizes it?
> I'm using 3 kinds of standalone FvwmPagers
> - "Local" Pager - showing only the current desk
> - "Desk" Pager - showing what is on the non-current desk I select on the 
> Front Panel
> - "Global" Pager - all desks and pages
> They are floating semi-transient objects. That is, having them transient is
> not enough for me, so they quickly disappear by Schedule if they don't posess
> the pointer.
> I don't really resize them,


> the are made big enough by dinamically following screen resolution,

Isn't that what everybody does - give it a good default size and
that's it?

What kind of use case is that; someone thinks the current size is
too small and wants to make it 50% bigger?  Or the pager is in the
way, and instead of closing, lowering, shading, iconifying or
sending it to some container one makes the window smaller?  What is
so special about the pager that it


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