On Wednesday, December 1st, 2021 at 2:13 AM, Dominik Vogt <dominik.v...@gmx.de> 
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 02:51:49PM +0000, Hegel3DReloaded wrote:

>> Maybe having ctrl+mouse-resize as I proposed above?

> Okay, I can imagine rare cases when one wants to re-enforce a
> multiple of the original aspect ratio, and I'd be fine with
> another key combination to force it.  However, what are we
> supposed to do with windows with a legitimate, fulltime aspect
> ratio like mplayer?  It would be very inconvenient to have the a.
> r. ignored by default.  Unfortunately I see no working heuristics
> to tell a "hard" a. r. from a "hint".

Sorry, I got confused here. I thought this is exclusively about FvwmPager's
behaviour. Not other cases (video players), where you rightly say that
aspect ratio does make a sense. Yes, there are some cases, or rather there
will be them in FVWM3 when it will approach the point where resolution
change, or new monitor addition will not mandate fvwm restart to get things
in place. In this case, FvwmPager can end up smaller or bigger than wanted.
I think shift+mouse-move, or configuration option for preserving aspect
ratio makes a sense.

>> the are made big enough by dinamically following screen resolution,

> Isn't that what everybody does - give it a good default size and
> that's it?

Well, for me, it is ok, but having in mind how many people with their
original ideas of behaviour of things use FVWM, that is, FVWM's native
user base are really demanding users, I can imagine someone using this
on daily basis, and wanting to have it preserve screen size, not trying
to do it manually as much as they can visually.

> What kind of use case is that; someone thinks the current size is
> too small and wants to make it 50% bigger?  Or the pager is in the
> way, and instead of closing, lowering, shading, iconifying or
> sending it to some container one makes the window smaller?  What is
> so special about the pager that it

I don't know if you sent this mail prematurely, or the crappy mail
service's web that I choose cutted it here, but "pager that it" is
the last I see from your text. :-\

To answer: You are right for the other case when pager is on the way.
All actions you enumerated have more sense than resizing it. But the
first one can really be the issue.

I remember once, a year ago, I had debugging session with Thomas and
shared my screen. Pager was important during this problem, because
state if windows on multiscreen was not the same as in pager. In one
moment, Thomas asked me can I make my "Local" pager bigger, that it
will be easier to work. So I resized it.


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