On Sat, Dec 04, 2021 at 10:09:34AM +0000, Hegel3DReloaded wrote:
> Yes, there are some cases, or rather there
> will be them in FVWM3 when it will approach the point where resolution
> change, or new monitor addition will not mandate fvwm restart to get things
> in place. In this case, FvwmPager can end up smaller or bigger than wanted.

Okay, that is a real problem.  The pager definitely needs to react
to changes of the desktop layout, be it by attaching or detaching
monitors at run time or by issuing the desktopsize command.

The pager should fix that situation itself and not expect the fvwm
core to do it.  There are two cases and multiple possible ways to deal
with it:

1) Pager is using a user specified geometry:

   a) Stick with the user specified size.
   b) Resize the window proportionally.

2) Pager is using the calculated default size:

   a) Recalculate total size and use that.
   b) Resize the window proportionally but try to keep it close
      to the current one; at least don't make it much bigger or

The module interface provides the information necessary to
implement that.

Would 1a + 2b be sensible default behaviour?


Dominik ^_^  ^_^


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