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> On Sunday, December 12th, 2021 at 12:40 PM, Dominik Vogt dominik.v...@gmx.de 
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> > The dv/pager-noaspect should work now, but I've not tested it with
> > multiple monitors.

I have found temporary workaround to comment out definition of my complex
function f_SetFvwm3NonGlobalBackground[1] which triggers this crash.

Now I have iteresting behaviour with my "Local" pager even before I started
to test: when Local pager does not posess pointer, it should disappear by
the means of "Move +32768p +32768p", but instead of doing this, it changes
my pointer into cross, GeometryWindow appears, and expects from me to move
pager around! :-)

It seems to me it looses the window X11 resource context of "LocalPager" [1]
Schedule Periodic $[infostore.rootpagertimeout] 131313 All (LocalPager, 
CirculateHit, !HasPointer, !State 6) f_HideLocalPager

For a reference, everything work fine with latest 1.0.4 release, and 2.6.9.



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