On Thu, Aug 23, 2001 at 02:18:07PM +1000, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >> Embedding newlines inside quotes is controversial;
> >> doubtless, some golfers and japhers would seek to
> >> ban this perhaps shady practice.
> John Porter wrote:
> > Absolutely not.  Amongst C programmers, maybe (:-) but not
> > Perl programmers.  Where'd you get that strange idea?
> I agree with you; I think it is OK.
> I think mis-spelling obfuscated was a dead giveway that
> I am new to all this stuff :-). I am not certain, but I
> sort of got the impression from:
> http://linguist.dartmouth.edu/~rjk/perlgolf/holes.html
> that the solutions in this golf tournament, at least,
> had to all be on one line, which would disqualify
> anyone attempting to embed a newline in a string.

For the golf tournament, we decided that the one-liners had to be on one
line.  This was mostly because embedding newlines in strings *on the
command line* depends on the shell.


perl -e 'die "Hi!


perl -e 'die "Hi!\

We allowed the subroutine solutions to span multiple lines, however.

sub golf {
die "Hi!

Anyway, don't take the rules from that golf tournament as official for
anything but that golf tournmanent.


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