At 8:20 AM -0800 2/12/2011, John Carmonne wrote:
I have two "acomdata" 2TB drives that consist of 2 1TB Hitachi drives. Each of the drives mount as single 2 TB drives. Can I replace the two 1TB's with two 2TB's and create a single 4TB drive just by installing the new HDD's? Or do I need to do a special initialization, if so how would I do this?

You're terminology is a bit muddied. From what I can tell, you have two Acomdata boxes. Each box contains two 1 TB HDs, that are RAIDed together, so they each present a 2 TB volume to your Mac.

1) Replacing the 1 TB mechanisms with 2 TB devices might be possible - if their controller supports that. Best to check with them. <>

2) To make a 4 TB from that, you'd have to RAID together two already RAIDed boxes. I don't think that will work. To RAID things without risking data loss, the RAID controller needs to have direct access to all the media.

- Dan.
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