At 7:28 PM -0800 2/15/2011, Sean Carroll wrote:
The booting process on my Sawtooth has gone absolutely haywire in the aftermath of some major upgrading.

Details, or are they secret? And after such "major upgrading" did you reset your PMU?

I hope it's OK to post a crash report here from a failed boot attempt (this particular failure was of
the blue screen and eventual message in several languages to restart

That's a kernel panic.

At this point, there's no booting at all without holding down the
option key, selecting the main OS (Tiger 10.4.11) volume,

You have to re-select the boot volume each time? That means the startup disk isn't being stored in the pram properly. Try replacing your PRAM Battery.

and then booting in safe mode. After trashing what's been put in the Trash (or not - i think the system will do this on restart anyway), I can option- boot and select and start up Tiger in normal mode. Here are the files that appear in the trash after a Safe Boot: [snip]

That's normal. To enter Safe Mode, the existing kernel and system and font caches are trashed, then rebuilt. That's why you're seeing that'all in the trash.

I'm just looking for clues right now, not necessarily pinpoint problem-solving answers (not that I'd refuse any such). I can and will go into great detail about the upgrading itself in another thread and another sense later.

Yes, spreading the information around across multiple threads makes problems so much easier to solve. Seriously - please provide ALL the information in ONE thread. Don't waste people's time, making us sort thru the hundreds of threads on G3-5 to locate your particulars.

0x02728E00 0x34F04148 0x34F02268 0x34F12498 0x34F0238C 0x002EB7B8
         0x0008BEB0 0x00029234 0x000233F8 0x000ABEAC 0x00000000
      Kernel loadable modules in backtrace (with dependencies):

Each of the panics in this log show the crash occurred in the driver for your video card. Either the card is foo, or it's not seated properly, or ....

- Dan.
- Psychoceramic Emeritus; South Jersey, USA, Earth.

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