The 5200 is usually a pretty good card, it supports both Quartz Extreme & Core Image. Have you checked the firmware revision in System Profiler against other versions available at the MacElite ROM repository?:

No, wasn't aware, and thanks much for the link.

These cards are usually solid, perhaps a new ROM version will solve your problems? If not, you need to ditch the Rage and get another AGP card that supports Quartz Extreme & Core Image.

Yes, the 5200 seemed like a sensible and straightforward way to get the Core Image and Quartz Extreme support. I'm not a gamer and don't currently do anything that would push a video card, but it's a matter of getting a little more modern (hand in hand with other modest upgrades) and getting the most out of Leopard, which, now that I'm able to at last, I think I'd like to try. The card came from Operator Headgap Systems. and as advertised, it seemed to be a matter of put it in and go. I took another look at the copy for the card on the OHS website, and I see now that installation instructions were to have come with it. I didn't receive any. All I got was what seems to be the OHS standard OS 9 Kitchen Sink CD, although nothing in the order I placed had anything in particular to do with OS 9, and on that CD, I found nothing relevant to the GeForce 5200 FX.

After all the grief the 5200 has caused, I'm hesitant to put it back in and try it again. But of course I will, thanks to this new lead you've given me. Just not today. Yesterday was a nightmare. Lately all this work *on* the computer has pushed away all the fun I could be having *with* the computer.


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