On 5/29/07, Michal Salaban <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > something like this:
> > http://smoke.skunk.one.pl/~emes/gmail+gajim.jpg
> > there are 3 conversations, 16 messages in total.
> i also tried to include more information in notifications. there are
> some samples how it can be done, with short comments from my side:
> 1.
> http://smoke.skunk.one.pl/~emes/gajim-singleboxes.jpg
> boxes disappear before you're able to read important information.
> totally unusable for people receiving many e-mails.

This box is the smallest of the 3 samples. How could it be too much to
read before it goes away? I'm confused.

> 2.
> http://smoke.skunk.one.pl/~emes/gajim-allinone.jpg
> much better, i think. readable, but adding some text styling would
> make it great, if possible at all.

This is way too big, in my opinion. That would fill half my screen. I
like that you are showing more info but I think showing multiple
messages (i.e., all messages in a gmail conversation) is too much.
Showing a separate notification for each message is more scalable and
easier to quickly read.

> 3.
> http://smoke.skunk.one.pl/~emes/gajim-allinone+snippet.jpg
> too much information for me. unreadable without styling (e.g. printing
> snippet in italic or low-contrast).

Even worse than number 2.

I replied off-list to Yann's last email (accidentally but didn't
bother to repost to the list) but here's a screen capture of GTalk's
notification for reference.


Not that I'm trying to steer Gajim towards duplicating GTalk but, for
myself, it is the XMPP client which most closely follows the same
interface philosophy which is the main reason that I prefer it.

I hope my criticisms won't discourage you though. You're on the right
track. I just think less is more.

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