Hi Ilya,

Something similar to this is planned, but directly referencing location files 
is being deprecated in favor of using the tool_data_tables mechanism.  The 
validator implementation does not yet support data tables, but will be enhanced 
in the future. Additionally, the selection functionality would ideally be 
filtered based upon the dbkeys, instead of just using validators. I plan to 
address these usability issues in the coming weeks. If you have code which 
already handles these concerns, we would be pleased to have a look; thanks 
again for these suggestions and keep them coming.

Thanks for using Galaxy,


On Sep 28, 2011, at 7:13 PM, Chorny, Ilya wrote:

> To prevent user error in mixing genomes, would you be interested in a feature 
> in which the unified genotyper choses the genome in a fashion similar to how 
> samtools know which which genome to use?
> <when value="cached">
>         <param name="input1" type="data" format="sam" metadata_name="dbkey" 
> label="SAM File to Convert">
>            <validator type="unspecified_build" />
>         <validator type="dataset_metadata_in_file" 
> filename="sam_fa_indices.loc" metadata_name="dbkey" metadata_column="1" 
> message="Sequences are not currently available for the specified build." 
> line_startswith="index" />
>       </param>
>     </when>
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