We want to move Galaxy's jobs from our small TORQUE local install to a big cluster running PBS Pro.

In the universe_wsgi.ini, I changed the cluster address as follows:
default_cluster_job_runner = pbs:///
default_cluster_job_runner = pbs://sub-master/clng_new/
where sub-master is the name of the machine and clng_new is the queue.

However, I get an error when trying to run any job:

galaxy.jobs.runners.pbs ERROR 2012-01-16 11:10:00,894 Connection to PBS server for submit failed: 111: Could not find a text for this error, uhhh

This corresponds to the qsub error 111 (Cannot connect to specified server host) which is, for some reason, caught by pbs_python as an error of its own (111 not corresponding to any pbs_python error code, hence the face-plant-message).

Our guess is that we might need to re-scramble the pbs_python egg with PBS pro's libraries, is that correct?
If it's the case, what do we have to set as LIBTORQUE_DIR?

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