I have recently had the opportunity to look at the deployment of Galaxy together with Apache, and I saw that the recommendation is to run the Galaxy Web server behind Apache with the latter acting as a proxy:


Other than convenience - one can just put Apache in front of an existing server - is there any particular reason for doing things this way? It seems that Galaxy uses the built-in Web server provided by the Paste framework, which in turn is based on the Python standard library BaseHTTPServer framework, and although paste.httpserver seems to add capabilities to the underlying framework, each such server must still be constrained to running in a single process. I imagine that this then leads to the use of load balancing as described on the following page:


Given that Apache is an acceptable part of a large-scale solution, I would like to know if mod_wsgi has been considered for the deployment of Galaxy at all, and whether anyone has any positive or negative experiences with it. It seems to me that mod_rewrite is often something that should only be brought into play where other, typically more elegant, solutions cannot be used. Many Python-based Web applications have mod_wsgi as a recommended deployment option once their users look beyond CGI, and I wondered why this isn't the case with Galaxy.

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