Got this when trying CIRCSTER on latest galaxy-dist.

Does this mean my system does not know about certain genomes?
Trackster works fine...


Error Traceback:

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 TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable
URL: http://srv151/visualization/circster?dataset_id=241d84796a24640a&hda_ldda=hda
Module weberror.evalexception.middleware:364 in respond          view
>>  app_iter = self.application(environ, detect_start_response)
Module paste.debug.prints:98 in __call__          view
>>  environ,
Module paste.wsgilib:539 in intercept_output          view
>>  app_iter = application(environ, replacement_start_response)
Module paste.recursive:80 in __call__          view
>>  return self.application(environ, start_response)
Module galaxy.web.framework.middleware.remoteuser:91 in __call__          view
>>  return environ, start_response )
Module paste.httpexceptions:632 in __call__          view
>>  return self.application(environ, start_response)
Module galaxy.web.framework.base:160 in __call__          view
>>  body = method( trans, **kwargs )
Module galaxy.webapps.galaxy.controllers.visualization:748 in circster          view
>>  chroms_info = trans, dbkey=dbkey )
Module galaxy.visualization.genomes:210 in chroms          view
>>  dbkey_owner, dbkey = decode_dbkey( dbkey )
Module galaxy.visualization.genomes:24 in decode_dbkey          view
>>  if ':' in dbkey:
TypeError: argument of type 'NoneType' is not iterable
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