> So my quick hack broke this:
> https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/commits/0ec7f0b6dec8707b6f4d114468367c9131e61200
> To fix this and related issues, I finally took the step of unifying all 
> builds and build information into a single Python data structure:
> https://bitbucket.org/galaxy/galaxy-central/commits/f36d5d615dd4/
> To fix this, then, you can wait for the next Galaxy dist or apply the above 
> changeset manually.

Actually, there an easier way to fix this without patching your Galaxy 
installation. Builds will show up in the library dbkey box if there's a 
chromosome length file associated with the build. Chromosome length files are 
used in some format converters (e.g. wig/bedgraph-to-bigwig) and for 

You can download len files by doing the following:

(1) Uncomment/add len_file_path to your universe.wsgi.ini file, e.g.:

len_file_path = tool-data/shared/ucsc/chrom

(2) Run these commands from your Galaxy install to download len files from UCSC:

mkdir ./tool-data/shared/ucsc/chrom/
python ./cron/build_chrom_db.py ./tool-data/shared/ucsc/chrom/
(3) Restart Galaxy.


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