I launched a new Cloudman instance last week to analyse my RNA-seq data.
I uploaded and cleaned my data, but could not run Tophat and Cufflinks due to 
the "Broken symbolic links" problem 
I have completed running Tophat2 on the public server.
Now, I like to install edgeR 
(http://toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repository?repository_id=0c447003da85ae19) from 
the toolshed for further analyses.
I cannot find a way to install that tool in my cloudman instance.
My background is in psychiatry and I do not have any knowledge of Linux 
Is there a way to install a tool (edgeR) from the toolshed without using 
command lines?
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Best wishes,

Anto Rajkumar, MD, DNB, MRCPsych,
PhD fellow, Department of Biomedicine,
Aarhus university,
8000 C, Aarhus, Denmark.
Ph (office)  : 045- 87167292
E-mail: a...@hum-gen.au.dk
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