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On Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Carlos Borroto
<> wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 6:12 PM, Björn Grüning
> <> wrote:
>> Hi Carlos,
>> Can you try again?
>> Also the new unstable version if you can. Thanks for the help! ATLAS is
>> a beast :(
> Sorry for the delayed response. Busy weekend.
> Trying to install package_atlas_3_10 on Ubuntu 13.04:
> It appears you have cpu throttling enabled, which makes timings
> unreliable and an ATLAS install nonsensical.  Aborting.
> See ATLAS/INSTALL.txt for further information
> #############################################
> I think this is the other relevant part in the log:
>                 # try to disable cpu throttling
>                 if hash cpufreq-selector 2>/dev/null; then
>                     cpufreq-selector -g performance
>                 elif hash cpupower 2>/dev/null; then
>                     cpupower frequency-set -g performance
>                 else
>                     echo 'Please deactivate CPU throttling by your
> own, or install cpufreq-selector'
>                     exit
>                 fi
> Error calling SetGovernor: Caller is not authorized
> I had to install 'cpufreq-selector' to get here, not installed by
> default. I can confirm I get the same error when trying to run this
> command directly:
> $ cpufreq-selector -g performance
> Error calling SetGovernor: Caller is not authorized
> package_atlas_3_11 fails in exactly the same way in this box.
>>> Somehow this is also a silent failing and numpy, biopython and
>>> ngs-tools(my tool package depending on biopython) get
>>> "Installed"(Green)
>> Yes that is correct. I designed it (in theory) in that way, that if
>> ATLAS crashes (due to CPU throttling enabled) every other package can be
>> installed without problem. Every other behaviour is a bug.
>>> while lapack, atlas and split_by_barcode(my actual
>>> tool wrapper depending on ngs-tools package) get "Installed, missing
>>> tool dependencies"(Grey). This means if I try to use my wrapper in
>>> this state I get this error:
>>> /bin/sh: 1: ngs-tools: not found
>> On Ubuntu it gets installed without errors. Everything is green :)
>>> However, if I do a "Repair repository" on split_by_barcode it goes
>>> into "Installed"(Green) and everything seems to work from then on.
>> Mh, thats seems to be a bug. I will try to reproduce on a computer where
>> ATLAS is crashing.
> Thanks for testing this. I also believe this might be a bug.
> --Carlos

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