Hi all,

I'd like to change the output dataset labelling in Galaxy file format
conversion tools.

e.g. If the input is history entry 1 (e.g "My Genes") then the output
from tabular_to_fasta.xml is currently named "FASTA-to-Tabular on data
I would prefer this was "FASTA-to-Tabular on data My Genes" or better
"My Genes (as tabular)".

I've just done this for my BLAST XML to tabular tool, using the
.display_name trick:

Would a pull request doing this to the built-in conversion tools be
favourably received?

Alternatively, would it be preferable to simply reused the input
dataset's name unchanged for simple format conversion tools (without
text about the conversion)?

Related to this, would people prefer if the $on_string in the case of
a single input file was the input file's name (e.g. "My Genes") rather
than "data 1"? (When there are multiple input files, $on_string needs
to be kept short).


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