On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:09 PM, James Taylor <ja...@jamestaylor.org> wrote:
> I have not tested the patch, just read it, but won't this result in
> dataset names like:
> "Some operation on data 27 (Some operation on data 26 (Some other
> operation on data 25 (...(...(...))))"

Potentially - it depends on how the tools use $on_string.

If the tools added a postscript you'd get:

"Original dataset (as tabular) (filtered) (...)"

Neither is ideal. I'd prefer to see something more like this tag idea:

What about my suggestion that for simple format conversion tools
we simply reuse the input dataset's name unchanged (without
text about the conversion)? That seems a good compromise.

> (avoiding this is why we came up with HIDs in the first place).

I don't like the HIDs - unlike dataset names, the HIDs are not entirely
reproducible - they depend on the order of upload, was it a clear
history, etc.

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