I installed a local instance of galaxy approximately a month ago (build 
I was having an issue with the Data Manager to fetch reference genomes and 
after checking to see if there was a newer version of galaxy, I decided to 
update and see if that fixed my problem.
I ran "hg pull" and then "hg update latest_2014.06.02". I tried to rerun galaxy 
but was instructed to run manage_db.sh so I did (sh manage_db.sh upgrade).
When I ran galaxy after all this, it started but when opened in a web browser, 
the navagation pane at the top is missing (i.e. Analyze Data, Workflows, User, 
etc). There is a blue bar but nothing is on it.
How do I get the missing navigation pane back? I can't do a lot of things 
without it (i.e. check help or change user settings). I can still get to the 
administrator section but only by appending "/admin" to the url. I need to know 
how to fix the new version or how to succesfully revert to a previous version 
without anything else breaking.
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