I installed a local instance of galaxy approximately a month ago (build 
2014.04.14) and have since updated to latest_2014.06.02. It is running on 
64-bit Ubuntu 12.04.

I'm having an issue with the Data Manager to fetch reference genomes 
(data_manager_fetch_genome_all_fasta, Rev. 2ebc856bce29). It will successfully 
submit a job to the queue but it quickly has an error. I'm selecting UCSC as 
the source and bosTau7 as UCSC's DBKEY for source FASTA.
The only error/warning I see in the server logs seems related to 
samtools:galaxy.tools.deps DEBUG 2014-06-12 20:07:30,952 Building dependency 
shell command for dependency 'samtools'galaxy.tools.deps WARNING 2014-06-12 
20:07:30,952 Failed to resolve dependency on 'samtools', ignoring
Samtools 0.1.19 seems to be installed through galaxy and I also installed 
samtools through apt-get. I installed the apt-get version after the first time 
trying this didn't work.
In the list of jobs, it has an error state and the command line is the 
--dbkey_description 'unspecified (?)'
I need to use the bosTau7 (or perhaps bosTau6) cow reference genomes and can't 
figure out any other ways to properly load them into galaxy. I'd like them 
available for everything on the server and would prefer this over using a 
custom reference genome. I may be missing something obvious because the command 
line doesn't seem to specify the genome I want but I can't type anything new 
into the "DBKEY to assign data" field.
How can I get the fetch genome data manager to work or otherwise load the 
bosTau7 reference genome into galaxy?

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