So I need to refresh on change....I see that if I have a conditional item in my 
form, this causes a refresh of the page and a (re)evaluation of my 
dynamic_options I could misuse this "feature". However, it seems 
that when I have a <conditional> I must have a <when> entry for every item in 
my select box. There is no "when else" option?



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Subject: [galaxy-dev] refresh_on_change : is this a valid attribute? Any other 


I'm trying to get a wrapper from someone else working and I found this 
"refresh_on_change" attribute in his select boxes which are filled using the 
dynamic_options feature:

<param name="col_type" type="select" label="Select column type" 
                display="radio" dynamic_options='get_column_type(library_file)'
                help="" />

      <param name="polarity" type="select" label="Select polarity" 
                help="" />


When searching the documentation/wiki I do not find a reference to this, but it 
would be a nice option to have ;)
Question: is there any way I can force a refresh when the user selects another 
option from such a select box. As you can see in the example above, this is 
needed because the next select box has its dynamic options built up by a 
function that takes the value from the previous select (col_type - highlighted 
above) as an input parameter. Currently this tool only works by showing each 
select in its own <page> , which is a deprecated option and prevents the tool 
from being used in a workflow... :(

Thanks for your help!

Best regards,

Pieter Lukasse
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