Hm...and now I’m completely stuck because apparently a conditional cannot be 
set at runtime in a workflow...? Ideas anyone?



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Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] "when else" in <conditional> ? RE: refresh_on_change 
: is this a valid attribute? Any other ideas/options??

Yes, adding a "<when else>" option would be nice. However, what I really would 
like to have is a way to tell in one select box which other select box(es) 
should be refreshed when its value is changed by the user. For example:

<param name="cmb_col_type" type="select" label="Select column type" 
                display="radio" dynamic_options='get_column_type(library_file)'
                help="" />

      <param name="cmb_polarity" type="select" label="Select polarity"
                help="" />

So when cmb_col_type is changed, the dynamic_options of cmb_polarity are 
generated again by a new call to the function configured. I can create a Trello 
card, but I’m just wondering whether this is not already being planned by the 
team, especially with the Javascript/AJAX rework that is now planned/going 
on(?) for some time on the user interface?



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Subject: Re: [galaxy-dev] "when else" in <conditional> ? RE: refresh_on_change 
: is this a valid attribute? Any other ideas/options??

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 11:43 PM, Lukasse, Pieter 
<<>> wrote:

> So I need to refresh on change....I see that if I have a conditional

> item in my form, this causes a refresh of the page and a

> (re)evaluation of my dynamic_options I could misuse this 
> “feature”.

This is deliberate, although there has been talk of updating the conditional 
code to do the dependent parameters dynamically rather than server-side with a 
page refresh.

From your outline description, I think you should be using the Galaxy 
<conditional> tag.

> However, it seems that when I have a <conditional> I must have a

> <when> entry for every item in my select box. There is no “when else”

> option?

I think you are right - I've asked in the past about this, e.g.

this discussion which appears not to have been fully on the mailing list though:

This probably deserves to be tracked with a Trello Card...

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