1. find UUID of current history in tool XML wrapper? (Ben Bimber)
   2. Re: find UUID of current history in tool XML wrapper?
      (John Chilton)

I think this will work for you, I've simplified the code.  I was able to do 
this somewhat circuitously (=bonfire of time) for my upcoming Versioned Data 
tool.  In your tool XML definition file:

        <param name="history_id" display="radio" type="drill_down" 
dynamic_options="vdb_init_tool_user(__trans__)" />
        <code file="versioned_data_form.py" />
Not sure if making history_id a hidden field would work (I seemed to recall 
__trans__ variable only exposed to select param).

And in a script named versioned_data_form.py we have:

def vdb_init_tool_user(trans):
        ALSO: squeezing history_id in this way since no other way to pass it.
        "trans" is provided only by tool form presentation via <code 
        history_id = str(trans.security.encode_id(trans.history.id))

        items = [ { 'name': 'think of something to say here', 'value': 
history_id, 'options':[], 'selected': True } ]

        return items
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