Hi All,

We are thinking of putting our galaxy instance in a new more powerful
environment. Galaxy is now on a single server containing a psql database
which is migrated from mysql a few years ago.
The new environment already houses a really nice backupped highly available
mysql server.

as galaxy admin I am quite reluctant of migrating back to mysql, the system
admin is quite reluctant of installing this psql database with the same
grade of backup and availability just for galaxy.

I could only come up with the line "*PostgreSQL is much preferred since
we've found it works better with our DB abstraction layer, SQLAlchemy
<http://www.sqlalchemy.org/>.*" from the galaxy wiki, which is a rather
slim argument.

My question now is.

Is Postgres still the preferred database or is Mysql now also a safe bet.

For mysql we would have to migrate back, system management would have a lot
of experience tuning databases and a high quality instance is already

For Psql a new database instance would have to be installed, less knowledge
of the database system is available but it is the preferred database.

Could someone point out some more pros and cons in this question?



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