Hey Sebastian

On 10/13/2015 06:41 AM, Sebastian Schaaf wrote:
> Hey Eric,
> We are not yet on IEs, but we plan to upgrade our local production
> instance soon (a recent version is already 'waiting' to take over),
> apart from other goodies we intended to allow one pro user and ourselves
> to use iPython's power this way.

Great! Hope it works well for your power users. Feel free to ping me on
IRC (erasche) if you have any deployment issues.

> So, do I read your message correctly as 'In terms of iPython it would be
> best for us to wait for v15.10'? Or could we just start and do an
> incremental upgrade as soon as v15.10 is released?

You should be fine to do an incremental upgrade. However, if GIEs are
important to you, I'd personally consider going to 15.10 now (we're in
freeze pending release) as there were some nice bugfixes/enhancements
for GIEs.

In 15.07 GIEs had issues accessing static resources rendering them
unavailable without special apache/nginx routes or symlinks
(https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/pull/500), they also naively
bound ports rather than using `docker -P` properly
(https://github.com/galaxyproject/galaxy/pull/790) and it was
unpleasant/complex to have your Galaxy user `sudo` or `sg` to run docker

> Cheers to Texas,
> Sebastian

Grüße nach München,

> Eric Rasche schrieb:
>> Howdy y'all,
>> I'm building some changes to the IE infrastructure that will fix some
>> initial hacks we did, however they will be backwards incompatible.
>> Specifically these changes will fix some of the enterprise deployment
>> pains (running with an external upstream proxy like apache) and allow
>> for safely running IEs on a separate host.
>> I'm emailing the dev list to see if anyone else has started building
>> IEs, or if it just Björn and myself. Feel free to make yourselves known
>> to us so we know who to contact when we're planning new features :)
>> If you're just building on top of our existing containers, this won't be
>> an issue for you, you'll just need to rebuild your containers once we
>> release 15.10 versions.
>> Cheers,
>> Eric

Eric Rasche
Programmer II

Center for Phage Technology
Rm 312A, BioBio
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
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