On 10/15/2015 04:02 AM, Björn Grüning wrote:
>>>> We are not yet on IEs,
>>> No, no, no. How can this happen? ;)
>> I interpret ";)" as "Indeed I remember all the issues you poor guys are
>> faced with" ;)
>>>> but we plan to upgrade our local production
>>>> instance soon (a recent version is already 'waiting' to take over),
>>>> apart from other goodies we intended to allow one pro user and ourselves
>>>> to use iPython's power this way.
>>>> So, do I read your message correctly as 'In terms of iPython it would be
>>>> best for us to wait for v15.10'? Or could we just start and do an
>>>> incremental upgrade as soon as v15.10 is released?
>>> 15.10 is not needed for IPython. It's running since 15.05 as I remember
>>> correctly. But we improved it a bit and you should take care that you
>>> use the correct Docker Image for IPython. But it should work out of the
>>> box. If not, let us know :)
>>> Cheers,
>>> Bjoern
>> We'll have an eye on this, thanks for the hint. And yes: We know how to
>> precisely annoy you and/or Eric ;).
>> As it somehow picks up Eric's initial question: is your impression the
>> same as mine (because of no further replies to the post) that still very
>> few people use in fact the great opportunities of IEs in "non-main"
>> Galaxy instances?
> I have no clue how often this is used. We have 598 pulls on Docker Hub
> and I know a few building there own IPython Image. It's also integrated
> in Cloudman as far as I know.
> Would love to have some stats and impressions from users!

If people wouldn't be opposed to it, we could be something as simple as
an admin-enabled, opt-in tracking pixel just to track/report notebook usage?

Or maybe a "+1/-1" button at the top for "It was useful/it wasn't
useful" but maybe that's getting way far ahead of the state of GIEs
given how many issues I've seen people have deploy GIEs.

> Ciao,
> Bjoern
>> Cheers,
>> Sebastian
>>>> Cheers to Texas,
>>>> Sebastian
>>>> Eric Rasche schrieb:
>>>>> Howdy y'all,
>>>>> I'm building some changes to the IE infrastructure that will fix some
>>>>> initial hacks we did, however they will be backwards incompatible.
>>>>> Specifically these changes will fix some of the enterprise deployment
>>>>> pains (running with an external upstream proxy like apache) and allow
>>>>> for safely running IEs on a separate host.
>>>>> I'm emailing the dev list to see if anyone else has started building
>>>>> IEs, or if it just Björn and myself. Feel free to make yourselves known
>>>>> to us so we know who to contact when we're planning new features :)
>>>>> If you're just building on top of our existing containers, this
>>>>> won't be
>>>>> an issue for you, you'll just need to rebuild your containers once we
>>>>> release 15.10 versions.
>>>>> Cheers,
>>>>> Eric

Eric Rasche
Programmer II

Center for Phage Technology
Rm 312A, BioBio
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843
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