On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 11:19 AM, Olivier CLAUDE <o.cla...@outlook.fr> wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Thanks for all.
> ...
>> What happens if you try to do this:
>> $ cd /path/you/put/wolfpsort
>> $ ./runWolfPsortSummary animal 
>> <~/repositories/pico_galaxy/test-data/four_human_proteins.fasta
> It gives me :
>         olivier@LM1166 ~/galaxy/CBS/WoLFPSort-master/bin $ 
> runWolfPsortSummary animal <~/galaxy/test-data/four_human_proteins.fasta
>         sh: 1: /bin/checkFastaInput.pl: not found
>         sh: 1: /bin/psortModifiedForWolfFiles/psortModifiedForWoLF: not found
>         /home/paulh/cbrcRepos/C++/utils/argvParsing/ArgvParser.hh:291 Error 
> opening file: "/bin/../data//animal.wolfw"
>         Usage: /bin/wolfPredict [OPTIONS] weightFile trainingDataFile 
> utilityMatrixFile

That's not what I meant, there is a small but important difference.

Just runWolfPsortSummary will search the $PATH for runWolfPsortSummary

I wanted you to use ./runWolfPsortSummary with a dot slash at the start
which means look in the current director for the runWolfPsortSummary

Please try:

$ cd ~/galaxy/CBS/WoLFPSort-master/bin
$ ./runWolfPsortSummary animal <~/galaxy/test-data/four_human_proteins.fasta

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