On Fri, Dec 4, 2015 at 12:59 PM, Olivier CLAUDE <o.cla...@outlook.fr> wrote:
> Ok i did not saw it.
> I runned it with ./ and it worked fine. It gave me the same answer you gave 
> me earlier.
> Olivier

Excellent :)

So, this matches what I found - as long as I changed to the Wolf PSORT
directory first, runWolfPsortSummary worked OK.

If I just put the runWolfPsortSummary bin folder on the $PATH, then it

Perhaps there is a small step in the instructions we both missed?

I suggest you try my workaround, which I linked to before:

(1) put runWolfPsortSummary somewhere where your cluster nodes
and Galaxy can see it. I used the folder /opt/WoLFPSORT_package_v0.2/
meaning /opt/WoLFPSORT_package_v0.2/bin/runWolfPsortSummary
is the script itself.

Your folder ~/galaxy/CBS/WoLFPSort-master/ would be fine.

(2) Using a text editor (emacs, nano, vi, etc) create a new file named
runWolfPsortSummary (without an extension) somewhere on your
path, I suggest ~/bin/runWolfPsortSummary

$ emacs ~/bin/runWolfPsortSummary

(3) Copy this into the ~/bin/runWolfPsortSummary file,

#!/usr/bin/env python
#Wrapper script to call WoLF PSORT from its own directory.
import os
import sys
import subprocess
saved_dir = os.path.abspath(os.curdir)
args = ["./runWolfPsortSummary"] + sys.argv[1:]
return_code = subprocess.call(args)

(3) Mark this wrapper script as executable:

$ chmod a+x ~/bin/runWolfPsortSummary

(4) Check ~/bin is on your path, so that using runWolfPsortSummary
(without a leading dot slash) will run the new wrapper script:

$ which runWolfPsortSummary

(5) Test the new wrapper script from some other directory, e.g.

$ cd ~
$ runWolfPsortSummary animal <~/galaxy/test-data/four_human_proteins.fasta

(6) If that all works, then the Galaxy wrapper should work too.

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