Hi Rich,

This sounds correct. The quota is set on Main to be 250G. So anything at or over that amount will be 100% of use.

If I misunderstood your question, please provide more details.


Galaxy team

On 11/30/11 12:07 PM, Richard Mark White wrote:
Thanks for the info and I did what you suggested. But still no luck. I
deleted everything, and when I add up the data totals in my active
histories (I have nothing shared) it adds up to 376gb, but i am showing
100%. any ideas?


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*Subject:* disk quota not updating

Hi Richard,

Yes, it takes a short time for the UI counts to update. If you deleted
permanently, then the result should be what you expected. Should the
quota count remain high by tomorrow, that would point to an issue with
lingering data counting in the quota.

Places to search for unexplained disk use:

1 - Older pre-quota "deleted" datasets that were not permanently
deleted. You can check for these in the View Histories -> advanced ->
deleted set. The far right column "Status" will note deleted vs
permanently deleted.

2 - Shared histories can count towards a quota. So, if not needed or
only portions are, copy out of these what you want to use and ask the
user that shared the data to "unshared" you, so you don't get stuck with
the entire history in your quota. Shared histories/data and quotas are
somewhat tricky to tune, and better solutions may be developed as the
details are worked out, but this is the current implementation. A good
feature to know about is that an imported dataset from a public Data
Library never counts towards your quota (if left unmodified).

You have probably seen this, but for others who may be reading the
thread, this wiki has many details and tips for managing data:

One last comment - it would be very helpful for us if questions were
sent with the mailing list as a "to" recipient, so that our ticket
tracker picks it up.

Hopefully this helps! And please feel free to ask if you need more help
or the disk size is not what you expect after the counts refresh.


Galaxy team

On 11/30/11 9:49 AM, Richard Mark White wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I was nearing my disk quota (at 97%), so I deleted a large number of
 > datasets using "delete permanently". But my usage did not go down at
 > all. Is there a delay in this happening, or is there some way to purge
 > the files?
 > richard

-- Jennifer Jackson

Jennifer Jackson
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