As a follow up I found a command that should add the new nodes as
submit hosts and I tried to run it but I got this error:

$ qconf -as ip-10-28-164-178.ec2.internal
denied: "ubuntu" must be manager for this operation

What does it mean by manager?  How would I run this command?

I guess my preference is for Cloudman to do this automatically though
so I'll be distributing this program to 3rd party users using the
built-in cloudman sharing.  I can't rightly ask users to be running

Thanks again,


On Thu, Sep 13, 2012 at 3:59 PM, greg <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I created a new Galaxy instance web launcher
> ( and then I ssh'd into
> the master node.
> I'm trying to run a Perl script that makes several qsub calls to other
> perl scripts.  Now the catch is that one of those perl scripts makes
> its own qsub calls.
> And I'm getting this error when it tries to do that:
> Unable to run job: denied: host "ip-10-29-176-111.ec2.internal" is no
> submit host.
> Somehow this works fine on other clusters I've run this code on.  Any
> idea what could be going on?  Do I need to make all of the nodes
> "submit hosts"?
> Thanks a bunch!
> -Greg
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